Specialized Construction

Civil Engineering Academy Dreaming of the Future Growth of the Nature-Friendly Country

It is the strongest in the civil engineering field called the Civil Engineers School, and aims to improve national territory
development and people's interests by creating a cornerstone of the industry. Based on the competitiveness that has participated
in various large-scale projects such as tunnels, railways, bridges, roads, dams, etc., the company aims to achieve a sustainable
future growth of the country as a national territory-based designer.

In addition, the company has established itself as a leader in the high value-added construction industry by
constructing energy infrastructure such as power plants and plants, and has various construction experiences in the plant
industry such as the Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plant and the Yeosu Oil Tank

Civil Engineering Academy Dreaming of the Future Growth of the Nature-Friendly Country

Project Name Location Period Client Contractor Amount(KRW)
Bowling grouting works (low-rise SGR grouting) during the construction and management project of Yeongcheon General Industrial Park Youngcheon 03.2016~04.2016 Korea Land & Housing Corporation KCC E&C 77,440,000
Noise Reduction Facility Construction of the Outdoor Circulation Road in Administrative City Sejong 12.2014~01.2016 Korea Land & Housing Corporation KCC E&C 4,287,000,000
Retrofit Towards the Migrant Complex in Gamseong-ri Limsil 01.2014~02.2014 Eco City Co., Ltd. Eco City Co., Ltd. 316,800,000
Construction of 3BL Apartment in Yongin Seocheon Youngin 03.2009~06.2011 Korea Land & Housing Corporation Samhwan kamu Co., Ltd 2,429,838,000
Gapyoeng Station Area Surrounding Road Earthwork Rebarconcrete work Gapyeong 10.2009~04.2011 Korea Railroad Corporation Hyundai Industrial Development Co., Ltd. 282,700,000
Ground-Building Civil Works, Shared-made Condo Construction among the Oncheon District Structural Works (2) Daejeon 05.2008~03.2011 Taeyoung E&C Taeyoung E&C 3,256,990,000
Bridge and Garage Facilities for the Construction of Gimhae Distribution Complex Gimhae 05.2003~03.2011 Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. Lotte E&C 23,568,600,000
Construction of Namyang-Ju District incineration residual re-location complex Namyangju 06.2009~12.2010 Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province Gusan E&C 16,565,500,000
Flood recovery works in the Winter Sports Area during the Alpensia TK Construction in Daegwallyeong Pyeongchang 10.2006~09.2010 Gangwon Development Corporation Taeyoung E&C 27,929,103,000
Cheongwon-Sangju Highway Construction Project 4th Zone Earthwork Structure work Cheongwon 03.2002~12.2007 Korea Highway Corporation KCC E&C 23,646,964,000