Specialized Construction

Civil Engineering Academy Dreaming of the Future Growth of the Nature-Friendly Country

It is the strongest in the civil engineering field called the Civil Engineers School, and aims to improve national territory
development and people's interests by creating a cornerstone of the industry. Based on the competitiveness that has participated
in various large-scale projects such as tunnels, railways, bridges, roads, dams, etc., the company aims to achieve a sustainable
future growth of the country as a national territory-based designer.

In addition, the company has established itself as a leader in the high value-added construction industry by
constructing energy infrastructure such as power plants and plants, and has various construction experiences in the plant
industry such as the Shin-Kori Nuclear Power Plant and the Yeosu Oil Tank

Civil Engineering Academy Dreaming of the Future Growth of the Nature-Friendly Country

Project Name Location Period Client Contractor Amount(KRW)
Earthworks Rebar concrete works of Chonbuk Sports High School Wanju 09.2003~09.2004 Jeollabuk-do Office of Education Joyang Co., Ltd 218,225,000
Chunchon Greenville Family Hotel Construction Chuncheon 03.1995~04.1997 Doosan E&C Doosan E&C 630,277,000
New Construction of Hamyang Stone Water Factory in Jinro Jiri mountain Saemmul Hamyang 12.1996~03.1997 jiri mountain spring water co., ltd. Jinro E&C 1,516,350,000
Guro Industrial Goods Stores Construction Seoul 07.1993~11.1996 Machine Tool Store Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. 1,974,940,000
Blue House repair construction Seoul 10.1995~12.1995 Blue House Blue House 615,769,000
Jamsil Hyundai Green Tower New construction Seoul 07.1995~12.1995 Daeju Housing Construction Co., Ltd. Koryo Industrial Development Co., Ltd. 830,956,000